¿What is iLavelle?

  A one stop place for mastering your mindset.

In iLavelle we focus on proving you with tips, products and various new ways to promote a healthier lifestyle. 

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Your body, your temple. 

The choices you make around food will determine your overall health. 

Our physical bodies allows us to recognize, sense and perceive the world through the taste, touch, sight, smell and sound of things.

Good nutrition will lead to a healthy and energized body.



What you think and see will be transmitted to the way you project yourself in life.

Our thoughts and emotions can affect various aspects of our lives.

 Wake up every morning feeling grateful and ready to start you day. 

Yo are always one step closer to another success in life.



There’s a voice within each of us that knows the answer to our questions.

Our intuition reminds us to slow down, listen and pay attention to the signs and messages our bodies are delivering.

These messages are usually transmitted as genuine hunger, cravings, allergies,  etc.


Nutrition consultations

We will work together for a period of 1 to 3 months in order to achieve your health goals while combining and balancing all aspects in life.

Consultations are available in Spanish or English.


Our range of products are eco-friendly and reusables. Each time you decide to use them you are contributing to a healthier environment!

Plant-based e-books

We help you to swap conventional ingredients for plant-based alternatives without sacrificing your taste buds.  

Our challenge allows you to reboot in 21-day and start a healthy lifestyle once again.