Are you living by an ego or an eco perspective?

stopped eating animals in 2013. However, I do not consider myself a vegetarian or vegan.

"I am a Earthling, an inhabitant of this planet."

Since we all inhabit the Earth, we are all considered Earthlings. There is no sexism, racism, or speciesism in such term. It encompasses everything and everyone of us. Living from an eco-centric view means coming from a place of compassion to share and to be a giver, to contribute to making the world a better place and It starts with asking yourself:

How can I show up? 

Where can I go? 

What can I share?

This is our place of power, the place that not only effects the greater good of humanity, but it is ultimately how we can feel good about ourselves and find true fulfillment and self-worth.

After years of research I can  certainly express that terms such as: carnivorous, vegans, pescaterians and so on, are practices that put people into categories. Hence, we end up been part of a classification and that is what speciesism does.

Putting people into categories means that we have to “comply” with certain “rules” in order to be part of a group and play a role.  Competition, success and  achievements are things we are programmed for since birth.  The ego is a false sense of self that is totally identified with mental perceptions. it is the “I”  of any person while distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thoughts.  

I am an Earthling, a person who believes that everyone can manifest their deepest dreams, I believe I have the power to set up my own rules and live the life I have ever imagined. The spirit of my intentions will determine the whole in what we create. What we give and offer to others, will be what be reflected back to us in one form or another.

Your experiences in life will always be a reflection of what you project. So do what you love to do, practice what you like to do and  create an energetic flow of giving, supporting, and sharing.

Find your sweet spot,
the one that allows you to grow up,
feel happy and full of joy!

After all, we are all here for a reason but always remember that in order to really make something happen out there, we first have to make it happen within ourselves.

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