Let’s talk Zero Waste

From bygone days, millions of tonnes of rubbish have ended up in landfills. Plastic bottles/containers from when you were young, plastic bags you use at the supermarket, or that plastic drink bottle you bought when you where thirsty. All these things have one thing in common, they are all made of plastic and they are probably still sitting in landfills because plastic is not biodegradable!

We live in a world of throwaways, we don’t have to contribute  to it anymore.

The zero waste movement is a philosophy that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused and recycled.

Going zero waste is a journey, there is no a “right” way to do it, but reducing our consumption and unnecessary waste is the most important step we, as human, can do. 

There are 18 things I have implemented in my life and there are currently 2 things left I am working on:

    1. Bring a bottle instead of buying a plastic one everyday✔
    2. Keep some metal/wooden cutlery in your bag so you don’t have to use plastic when you get takeaway.
    3. Pack your food-in a container so you don’t have to use glad wrap✔
    4. Invest in some reusable produce bags✔
    5. Bring your own cup when you go to get your morning coffee✔
    6. Shop at thrift or secondhand shops, avoid fast fashion✔
    7. Recycle what you can: hard plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, etc✔
    8. Compost your food scraps/other organic materials
    9. Wash clothes when they are dirty, instead of after wearing once✔
    10. Buy food without or with minimal packaging material
    11. Create you own toothpaste✔
    12. Invest in bamboo toothbrush 
    13. Make your own deodorant✔
    14. Plan your meals in order to avoid food waste✔
    15. Ask yourself if you truly need something before making any purchases✔
    16. Use both sides of the paper✔
    17. Avoid unnecessary receipts✔
    18. Learn where to properly dispose certain items: gift cards, old cell phones, batteries, etc✔

Most of these simple swaps will actually save you money, but more importantly, they will contribute to a better world. It has helped me feel more connected to Earth. 

Try being a conscious consumer and start making small changes day by day. 


“It’s not about perfection, It’s about better choices and a little bit of commitment”.

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